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About us
The Children's Lung, Asthma and Sleep Specialists is a fully independent,  private Pediatric Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine practice. The practice offers state of the art care with topline diagnostic equipment at all of its facilities. We are the only practice of its type in the State of Florida and offer full pediatric sleep medicine services. The practice offers full behavioral sleep medicine services and has a clinical psychologist, Dr Kimberly Justice, PhD and a Doctor Nurse Practitioner Mrs MaryAlice Leinbach, DNP both of who have completed and passed the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Boards administered by the American Board of Sleep Medicine. We offer full Pulmonary, Allergy and Sleep Medicine services for children in addition to Adult Sleep Medicine services and Behavioral Sleep Medicine services for children and adults.
The practice has 11 physicians, 3 nurse practitioners and a Clinical Psychologist.

Geographical Scope
Our area of clinical coverage spans about 50% of the population of the state of Florida. We have 15 locations, all seamlessly integrated by a common Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and have mirrored services at all locations. Our physicians have privileges in 6 children's hospitals in the State of Florida allowing us to follow our patients if they should need our help through most of Florida.

Hospital coverage:
  • All Children's Hospital, St Petersburg
  • Arnold Palmer Hospital, Orlando
  • Florida Hospital For Children, Orlando
  • Palms West Children's Hospital, Wellington
  • St Marys Hospital (Palm Beach Children's Hospital), West Palm Beach
  • St Joseph's Hospital, Tampa
  • Halifax Hospital, Daytona Beach
  • Holmes Regional Hospital, Melbourne
The practice is actively involved in cutting edge clinical and pharmacologic research geared towards the improvement of care and medication access in children and is currently involved in multiple Asthma and Narcolepsy research.

The practice runs an asthma management program that is geared towards the patient and parent achieving a full understanding of the asthma and improving patient management. In addition, our Asthma Center of Excellence program focus on providing high quality, most comprehensive service for children and adolescents with difficult-to-treat or severe asthma.

This is a specialized program with the primary goal of preventing or minimizing long-term respiratory consequences of preterm birth as well as severe respiratory disease in preterm infants and high-risk full term infants.
We offer a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and management of infants and children with a wide spectrum of respiratory conditions with the goal of improving quality of life, as well as preserving and restoring respiratory health. Our pulmonary lung function provides testing for children with lung conditions and asthma as young as 3 years of age.

The practice provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services for children with sleep-related disorders. The facilities perform Sleep studies (Polysomnography), CPAP/BiPAP titrations, as well as Multiple Sleep Latency Tests (MSLT). We are the largest pediatric sleep diagnostic center in the country.

The practice has the only behavioral sleep medicine program in Central Florida and is staffed by board certified pediatric sleep physicians, a clinical psychologist and a Doctor Nurse Practitioner with certification in behavioral sleep medicine (CBSM).

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