Dr. Robert Andrew Morgan

Born and raised in a small town in south Georgia (Blackshear, GA).

I am close with my family, and I have always had a passion for medicine as I have several family members in the medical field (mostly cousins and grandmother who were nurses, although my mom is a former EEG tech who now works as an office manager at a cardiologist’s office). My father had fairly severe asthma when I was growing up, so when I entered medical school and later pediatric residency, pulmonology and asthma education were always of particular interest to me.

Some focused areas of interest in peds pulmonology include high-risk / severe asthma, BPD, CF, PCD, trach/vent dependent patients, and pulmonary manifestations of sickle cell disease

Personal hobbies / interests include a love for travelling, live music shows and events, biking, singing, video games, and the Marvel cinematic universe.

I currently live happily with my partner of 8+ years.