Preterm, as well as, full-term babies can be at risk for apnea of prematurity or infancy. This refers to a condition in which a child spontaneously stops breathing in the sleep for periods that can extend to over 20 seconds. In most cases these are considered maturational problems that will resolve on their own but can also represent more severe disease or comorbidities. For infants that are sent out of the hospital on apnea monitoring devices or those started on the devices outside of the hospital, we provide an infant apnea monitoring service which includes apnea device downloads, interpretation of the results, and determination of when to change the settings including lowering heart rate and finally discontinuing the device. We also manage the medications that they may be on for management of the apnea including caffeine and theophylline. The practices works hand-in-hand with durable medical equipment (DME)companies that also download apnea monitors and send the data to us for interpretation and further management of the patients.

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